Mission & Purpose

world of caring and learningMission Statement

“A world of care and learning for every child… every day.”

To provide quality child care to families in greatest need while parent(s) are employed, in the workforce, engaged in goal directed job training or in crisis recovery. Variety Early Learning Center nurtures and educates the children with focus on providing developmentally appropriate learning experiences and activities for young children to strengthen school readiness and social competency.

Our Philosophychildren on slide

    • To foster joy and love in the child’s heart for learning and school
    • To recognize each child as an individual
    • To promote cooperation and sharing
    • To cultivate problem solving skills and patience through independent thinking
    • To encourage love and respect for other life forms that share our earth
    • To develop self-esteem for a strong, confident, and wise child
    • To recognize play as our main device in teaching our children, because it is an essential part of growth and expression
    • To work in partnership with the child’s parents
    • To promote each child’s growth and development